The fashion industry has always welcomed new trends and styles that go with the modern times. Many fashion brands release updates on what is in or out in the industry, with the help of new models and influencers. Sometimes people make huge investments in the clothing they wear just to be in with the latest trends.

But before we see these new trends appear on the runway, in huge billboards, or in the pages of a magazine, there have been several fashion icons who shaped the landscape of fashion back in the day. Many people regard them as pillars in the industry, as they were the movers and shakers during their time. Their distinct fashion sense is considered classic and timely and still being adopted by brands and fashionistas today. Due to their seemingly endless and eternal value in the fashion industry, they are considered icons that many look up to.

Here are 10 fashion icons and the trends they were able to bring to the industry.

Diana Ross: Queen of Maximalist

During her days as a talent for the record label Motown, Diana Ross was one of the pop stars who easily made money from her talent. She put the “diva” term in a more positive light. The star was known for her immensely extravagant looks—from big wigs, lavish accessories to embellished gowns and make-up, Ross was the perfect maximalist fashion icon during her time. Ross’s fashion sense also ranges from concert looks to everyday wear, making people look up to her as someone who seems always ready to perform even on a normal.

Elizabeth Taylor: Diamonds Lover

Elizabeth Taylor was one of the fine ladies of Hollywood during its golden era. The classic female superstar is known as someone who does not bat an eyelash when it comes to dressing up. She has a unique sense of style — classy and glamorous — that is shown through her plunging necklines, feather boas, headpieces, extravagant fur wraps, and stunning dresses. If one intended to copy her look today, their credit card will surely shoot up due to the expenses. What distinguished her from her contemporaries was her love for diamonds. While her fashion sense may look over-the-top or too much in today’s fashion world, it cannot be denied that Taylor was one of yesterday’s fashion icons.

Audrey Hepburn: The Little Black Dress

Today, many believe that women should have that little black dress. It is a must for every woman to have such a piece in her closet. This was made popular by fashion icon and actress Audrey Hepburn. One of classic Hollywood’s female superstars, Hepburn did not only make a name in the acting world but she was also regarded as a pillar because of her unique sense of style. The Little Black Dress is Hepburn’s contribution to the fashion industry, which stemmed from her role in the 1961 film Breakfast at Tiffany’s, where she played Holly Golightly. Many will recall Hepburn’s classic photo where she donned a Givenchy column black dress with a 3-strand pearl necklace and a tortoise-shaped sunglass. She also donned a sleek updo, a pair of diamond earrings, and a cigarette holder, which became a classic Audrey-Hepburn look.

Grace Kelly: Princess of Chic

During the ‘50s, Grace Kelly was considered one of the stars with a high-flying career. She not only had a magnificent Hollywood career because of her acting chops but she also made a name for herself as one of the best dressed. She is known for her feminized dresses, well-tailored ensembles, and sophisticated look. Being the Princess of Monaco, she no longer had to think of cash loans or debt. Kelly was able to bring home anything she wants. Kelly is a fashion icon up to this day because of her simple yet luxurious look. Luxury brand Hermes even renamed one of their purse lines the Kelly Bag, following the actress’s multiple outings with it. Although she did not put any investment money into Hermes, the luxury brand created a bag in her name for her invaluable contribution to the fashion industry.

Katharine Hepburn: Menswear Champion

Just like her fashion icon sister, Audrey, Katharine Hepburn did not fall behind in the fashion department. She also got the same degree of popularity when it came to fashion. On the big screen, Katharine is known for expressing the American woman’s look. On the other hand, Katharine leaned more towards sportswear when she was off duty. She was more into wearing menswear-inspired clothing, trousers, shoes, and loafers, and she eventually marked her style in Hollywood fashion.

Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis: Simple and Chic

Jackie Kennedy is known for her chic and simple fashion style. She has been photographed in boxy Chanel suits and pillbox hats, which many considered conservative yet iconic. The fashion industry looks up to her as a fashion icon.

Madonna: Costume Queen

Before Madonna became a pop diva and fashion icon, she preferred the casual tomboy look. However, as time passed and her career went upward, Madonna changed her style to be more extravagant to some degree. During her on-stage concerts, Madonna is known to don distinctive ensembles, sometimes with luxury and excessive accessories. Not only was she able to land a high-paying career in the music industry, but she also received enough money to make investments in fashion deals.

Twiggy: Teen Model

Twiggy is an English model who rose to fame in the ‘60s. She rocked the British fashion industry in the 20th century during her time with her modeling skills. She popularized the drawn-on lashes at a time when there was no one making use of the trend. The teenage model eventually became an ‘It girl,’ landing major brand endorsement deals, magazine covers, and runway shows, boosting her wealth for more investment money.

Marilyn Monroe: Curves and Sexiness

Marilyn Monroe rocked the fashion world with her The Seven Year Itch look. The actress, who was considered one of classic Hollywood’s fashion symbols, credited her simple yet stunning white dress with plunging neckline as an iconic fashion item. Her iconic pose has also transcended decades and has been recreated time and time again. Aside from this, Monroe also became a fashion icon who capitalized on her sexy curves. She often wore high-waisted bikinis that flaunted her features.

Lauren Bacall: Prints and Preppy

Lauren Bacall was known for printed blazers, pencil skirts, and trousers. She was the one who popularized printed dresses. She has a unique, glamorous, and effortless style in the fashion department and was able to open possibilities for women’s fashion. With this, Bacall was not only able to make a mark in the acting industry, but she also became a sought-after endorser of fashion brands.