Anyone who reads celebrity articles knows how uncertain relationships in Hollywood can be and, as it is general. The pressure is tripled, even quadrupled for celebrities because they are in the spotlight. However, not all celebrity lovers are destined to break apart. In fact, there are many Hollywood stars that revel in a happy and lasting marriage with their partners.

These couples are just like us, ordinary people, when it comes to meeting their loved ones— whether it’s through a mutual friend, work, or exchange of comments on their social media platforms. They may be more high-profile than most, but when we talk about making their love last, they would have to build on the basics of relationships just like the rest of humanity: communication, trust, respect, patience, unconditional love, and even humor. To their credit, they’ve somewhat become our “relationship goals.”

From Meghan Markle and Prince Harry to Denzel Washington and Pauletta Pearson, we’re rounding up the power couples in the entertainment industry and beyond. Read on to see the most influential celebrity couples of today and know more about their love stories and relationship tips:

Kurt Russell – & Goldie Hawn

Kurt Russell and Goldie Hawn have shared a bond so strong since forever, proving that celebrity romances can last. The twosome felt electricity and sparks when they met while filming a movie during the ’60s, but it wasn’t until they encountered each other again on their second movie, 1983’s Swing Shift, that the actor asked Hawn for a date.


Before becoming a couple, however, Russell was married to Season Hubley, with whom he shares a son named Boston. Hawn, on the other hand, was previously married twice—first to Gus Trikonis and then to Bill Hudson, with whom she shares son Oliver and daughter Kate. In 1986, the new couple welcomed their only child together, Wyatt, who is also an actor. Contrary to popular opinion, Russell and Hawn are not married. The actor revealed that he already feels devoted to his partner, and added, “isn’t that what marriage is supposed to do?”