When you’re a well-known celebrity, your hefty paycheck doesn’t always go directly to your savings account. After all, you have numerous services that you have to pay for, including your maids and bodyguards. You also have to take into account all the mortgages and the bills that you have to pay for all of your friends and family. Although they get paid millions of dollars per month, some celebrities pay so many bills that it won’t surprise us if they’ll ever need help from a financial advisor. Here’s some of the most expensive monthly expenses from your favorite celebrities:

Johnny Depp

If it weren’t for his recent separation from his wife, we probably would’ve never had an idea about Johnny Depp’s monthly expenses. Johnny Depp recently separated ways with his ex-wife Amber Heard, and it was revealed that Depp was spending around $2 million a month. If you’re wondering where this $2 million monthly expense is coming from, here’s a short breakdown.He spends $30K on wine alone, $150K for his children’s security and bodyguards, and $300K for the payroll of his 40+ member staff. Depp is currently $40 million in debt.

Cardi B

Cardi B is a famous rapper who has been criticized by her fans for how she spends her money. She recently revealed that celebrities aren’t rich as people think, but at the same time, Cardi admitted that she spends $300K for her monthly expenses. Now, $300K is a paycheck that’s good enough for people annually, even a couple of years! Cardi uses her $300K to take care of her family. She also explained that the IRS takes a huge chunk of the money, 45 percent to be exact, from her income. We hope she knows a good financial advisor; otherwise, she’ll end up like other rappers from the past.


It’s no secret that Beyonce is one of the most successful artists today. She has a net worth of $350 million, and it definitely doesn’t surprise us that she spends millions on her monthly expenses. Beyonce reportedly shells out $500K per month for the rent of her vacation home, $75K on private jet rentals and fuel, $7.5K for the salary of her live-in chef, $8K for a bodyguard, $4K for her maid, $7K for a personal trainer, and $4K for a dietitian. However, these expenses aren’t verified and are estimates from unnamed sources. But, considering that it’s Beyonce, these expenses are well enough to fit her lifestyle.

50 Cent

50 Cent has been one of the most recognizable rappers from the 2000s. He’s managed to carve a path as an actor and as a businessman. However, in 2015, he revealed that he was having financial troubles. Legal documents revealed that he was living a relatively lavish life that costs $108K a month to finance. 50 Cent spent $72K for the utilities and maintenance of his massive 50-room mansion, $9K for security, $3K on clothes, $5k for gardening, and $1K for his grooming. It’s just a bit odd as 50 spends a ton of money for someone who’s practically bald. We hope he consults with a financial advisor to sort his financial troubles out immediately.

Britney Spears

Everyone had a good idea about Britney’s personal life back in the 2000s. Since her legal separation from former husband Kevin Federline, her monthly spending habits have been revealed. According to ABC News, the pop princess spent a whopping $16K per month on designer clothes. She also shelled out almost $5K for takeout food alone. Britney spent $10K more for utility bills and is capped off by a surmountable $17K spending on automotive and transportation costs. This isn’t the entirety of her monthly spending. She also spends $100K a month on gifts, entertainment, and vacation. Talk about living life like a true pop princess!

Kim Kardashian

It’s safe to say that everyone has a good idea of who Kim Kardashian is these days. When she was undergoing the separation process from her former husband, Kris Humphries, her monthly expenses were revealed, and it was reportedly around $44K a month. Kim spent $27K on just designer clothes. Here we thought that the celebs were able to acquire designer clothes for free! Kim also had to shell out more than $10K for mortgage payments and $6K for travel and fitness. This $44K figure was way back in 2014 before she ended up dating and eventually marrying hip hop and fashion mogul, Kanye West.

The Royal Family

The Royal family, also known as the welfare queens, have recently revealed their finances to the public. In 2015, it was revealed that the Royal family members like Prince Harry, Prince William, and Kate Middleton spend around $4.6 million for their annual expenses, which totals around $400K a month. Their bills mainly consist of overseas trips, although Kate spends approximately $54K on designer clothes. Now that celebrity A-lister Meghan Markle is in the picture, the Royal family’s monthly spending is probably much higher!