Celebrities and well-known figures have been known to possess vast and mind-blowing fortunes. The only setback that great fortunes have is that their owners can quickly run out of things to acquire and buy. In turn, it’s essential for these celebrity big spenders to acquire the most extensive and most expensive things. Whether it’s business investments or unnecessary and over-the-top items, here’s a list that Celebrities have acquired:

Jay Z & His Racehorse Worth $55 million

Jay Z, also known as Shawn Carter, bought an expensive Thoroughbred from Steve Coburn, which he promptly named California Chrome. The racehorse was bred from English mares and Arab stallions, and it’s a recipient of the Preakness Stakes and Kentucky Derby back in 2014. The former owner of California Chrome was thrilled to have a well-known figure like Jay Z be involved in the horseracing community. For Jay Z, he considers this investment a testament to his willingness to get involved with the sport.

Kanye West & His 10 Burger King Franchises Worth $7.5 million

Kanye West is a close friend of Jay Z, and he certainly knows a thing or two about money-making investments. Kanye already owns several fashion lines, and he added 10 Burger King Franchises to his list of assets. He reportedly paid around $7.5 million for the ten Burger King franchises, and we’re confident that he’ll earn the $7.5 million back in no time.

Donald Trump’s Gold-Plated Jet Worth $100 million


Everyone knows that Donald Trump lives a pretty extravagant and lavish life. The former US President bought a Boeing 757 from the co-founder of Microsoft, Paul Allen. The jet certainly isn’t an ordinary Boeing 757, as Donald made sure this plane fit his taste and preferences. The entire plane is covered in 24-carat gold which extends right down to the seat belt buckles. It’s twice the size of Trump’s original 727, and it can comfortably accommodate up to 230 passengers. We’re confident that this 757 is more luxurious than Air Force One.

James Cameron’s $20 million Walnut Farm


James Cameron is famous for directing some of the most iconic films in modern film history. He’s also an environmental advocate, and he shelled out $20 million to acquire a walnut farm that spans 2,500 acres in New Zealand. Interestingly, Cameron already owns another farm which he acquired back in 2013. It’s not very far from his new walnut farm. With 2,500 acres of land all to himself, he can definitely showcase his bona fides as an environmentalist without any problem. Considering that it’s a walnut farm, he might even get a decent return on investment from it, too.

Jay Z’s $4 million Private Island in The Bahamas

One could undoubtedly purchase a lot of things for $4 million, and famous rapper Jay Z bought a private island in the Bahamas with it. $4 million is definitely the ballpark price for lavish mansions on expensive zip codes around the United States. However, Jay Z must have thought that he’d like his own tropical paradise in the Bahamas to fly to whenever he needs a quick vacation. After all, he’s worth a billion dollars, and we’re confident that his financial advisor had no problems with this $4 million expense.

Celine Dion & Her $2 million Humidifier


Celine Dion’s humidifier worth $2 million is definitely one of the most outrageous celebrity spendings on our list. We’re still wondering what kind of humidifier would cost $2 million to make? Celine’s expensive humidifier must have had gold-plated details on it, as we’re pretty sure that no regular humidifier would cost as much as her humidifier. Despite its expensive price tag, we’re sure that she had no problems paying for it. However, it’ll certainly be an awkward topic when she discusses it with her financial advisor.

Miley Cyrus’s Range Rover for Her Dogs Worth $400K


We all love our dogs, but would you go out of your way to purchase a new SUV for your beloved fur babies? Well, pop sensation Miley Cyrus certainly did, and she bought a Range Rover, which is a luxury SUV for it. Miley’s dogs are definitely roaming around LA’s streets in style!

Nicolas Cage & His Dinosaur Skull Worth $276K


Nicolas Cage is a well-known actor who’s appeared in countless films over the past few decades. Nick has also been one of Hollywood’s highest-earning actors throughout his career. Besides being one of the highest-earning, he’s also one of the biggest spenders. Cage purchased a Dinosaur Skull that’s worth $276K. We’re not entirely sure what he does with it, but it’s certainly something interesting to look at.