Ever wonder just how much it costs to be red carpet ready on Hollywood’s biggest night? The Academy Awards is undoubtedly the most storied event that takes place in Hollywood annually, but the question of who wins it is a secondary conversation to who’s wearing what, how many diamonds are in that outfit, and it’s the perfect time to showcase how glamorous the stars really are when they hit the red carpet.Surely, it costs a pretty penny to make yourself relevant from head to toe on a special night like this. Here’s how much the stars spend for one of the most special nights in Hollywood:

Average Cost for A Male Celebrity

It isn’t enough to intensely work on a film credit throughout the whole year. It’s essential that as a male celeb, you’d look the sharpest during the most important night in Hollywood. While guys’ grooming may generally involve a fewer steps, it’s still incredibly pricey, and costs can run up to up to $270K. However, as it is a momentous moment in their life and career, we’re confident that financial advisors won’t have any objection to this one-night-only spending.

A Dashing Tuxedo

One of the most expensive pieces of a male celebrity’s outfit during the Oscars is their tuxedo. It has long been a tradition for male stars to wear an incredibly elegant-looking tuxedo. However, some male stars have taken the liberty to personalize their tuxedos a bit more. With this added personalization, the average cost of $25K could truly skyrocket even more.

An Exceptional Watch

It’s also essential that a male celebrity wears an eye-catching timepiece on his wrist. Note that every male celebrity would be wearing the iciest watch in their collection for this day. With this fact, the need to stand out is at an all-time high, and a male celebrity could easily drop north of $200K for this accessory.

Designer Shoes

One of the most visible parts of the ensemble is the shoes. But, don’t think for once that celebrity would be wearing the regular leather shoes that we can find on the nearest department stores. Most certainly, these celebs are wearing their best designer shoes for this special night. After all, it’s a 500-foot long stretch, so it’s essential that the cameras see them in a pair of designer boots and shoes.

Look Good, Feel Good

People always say that you’d feel better if you look better. Well, this phrase is at an all-time high during this night as male celebrities would usually go and pamper themselves before they walk the red carpet. Male celebs usually go for mani-pedis, makeups, skin treatments, and even teeth whitening! Together, these self-care steps cost north of $10K!

Average Cost for A Female Celebrity

Girls, and women in general, generally need a lot more steps before they can get ready for a particular formal event. It’s amplified to an incredible degree when it comes to female celebrities as the costs and steps needed to get prepared for a special night like the Oscars are unbelievable! Of course, we understand that those female celebs need to look like the best version of themselves, but we’re thinking that their financial advisors must be flipping out as these costs can get pretty absurd.

A Timeless Dress

The women’s version of the tuxedo are their dress. Dresses on a special night like the Oscars typically cost ten times more than the male celebrities’ tuxedos. The reason is that a lot of designers might be working together with a female celeb for the dress on this particular night. Dropping $200K on a dress that’s fit for an event like the Oscars has been a tradition for female celebrities.

A Fine Set of Jewelry

We all know that women love to accessorize, and female celebrities are no exception. However, pieces of jewelry vary a lot when it comes to each female celebrity. Some female celebrities love to accessorize and could easily drop a whopping $10 million for the Oscars alone. We all know that these celebs are some of the highest-paid in the world, so we’re sure that this price is relatively nothing to them.

Designer Purse

As if the $10 million-jewelry wasn’t enough, female celebrities also spend a ton of cash on purses. However, these aren’t just regular purses. Most certainly, the purses that female celebrities will be bringing into the even are designer purses. These “accessories” could easily cost north of $100K, depending on the brand and the designer of that particular purse.

Look Good, Feel Good (For Women)

Indeed, it’s a special night, and female celebrities also feel the need to pamper and take care of themselves before the awards night. Female celebrities undergo a regular routine filled with mani-pedis, hair and makeup, teeth whitening, eyelashes, and many more. These self-care and pampering steps could easily cost around $20K!


The costs may vary a bit slightly when it comes to the cost of a celebrity’s outfit during this important Hollywood awards night. Another deciding factor of the cost is whether a particular celebrity is a first-timer, an average attendee, and an A-lister. Nonetheless, everyone that’s invited to this special event will surely look exceptional and dashing!