Taylor Swift is, to some degree, considered to be one of the most prominent and successful artists today. Since her meteoric rise to stardom in 2004, she has amassed a wealth estimated to be around $365 million, making her one of the highest-paid celebrities in the world. Her recent surprise albums, Folklore, and Evermore were released in 2020, amid the COVID-19 pandemic, and became the most successful albums of that year. Her 2020 documentary, detailing the creative process behind her album Folklore, received critical acclaim. Besides, her Reputation Stadium Tour in 2018 became the highest-grossing tour in US history, with over $266 million in sales. With such successes to her credit, she has become a juggernaut in the industry.

Swift has been highly strategic yet generous in spending her fortune. Over the years, she has spent her wealth on real estate, charity, pets, and jets. Let’s take a look at her spending habits.


Swift is known for her impressive investment portfolio. Currently, she has seven properties across America, ranging from penthouses to estates and condos, totaling around $81 million in value. Her current home, a penthouse in Nashville, is worth around $3 million and was her first property bought at age 20. Besides, she owns a Greek Revival estate in Nashville, which is worth $2.5 million, making it her least expensive property yet. Her other assets include three in New York, one in Beverly Hills, and one in Rhode Island. Her Rhode Island property, called Holiday House, became an inspiration for her song The Last Great American Dynasty. Her Beverly Hills and New York properties are among her most expensive yet, valued at around $30 million and $20.5 million, respectively. In addition to being high-priced, her Beverly Hills mansion is officially regarded as a historic city landmark since 2017.

However, her portfolio is about to increase by another, as it was reported in 2020 that she was interested in a property in London worth around $30 million, to be much closer to her current boyfriend, actor Joe Alwyn. Swift’s investments have stunned a lot of people, including her fans.


Swift’s various donations have been extensively reported over the years and have gone to diverse charitable causes. To her credit, she has given millions of dollars for disaster relief, with her most recent being in 2020 during Tennessee’s tornado outbreak, where she donated $1 million. Besides, she is a patron of the arts, having donated hundreds of thousands of dollars to build and aid libraries, art and cultural centers, and schools around the United States. Her biggest donation related to the arts was in 2014 when she pledged $4 million to build an education center in Tennessee. She has given, as well, to various advocacy groups such as GLAAD, NAACP, and RAINN, in line with her beliefs of social justice and women’s rights. Outside of the public, she has been known to personally donate tens of thousands of dollars to her fans, with her recent secret donations of $3000 to fans during the COVID-19 pandemic.


Swift has been quite public about her love for pets and jets. Her cats, two Scottish Fields named Olivia Benson and Meredith Gray, are highly featured in her Instagram posts and received a shout-out from one of her songs, Gorgeous. Her cats’ breed is considered to be among the most expensive in the world, costing anywhere from $1,000 to $3,000. Aside from her pets, Swift has her fleet of private jets, which she uses for her international tours. Her first, a customized Dassault Falcon 900 valued at $40 million, has Swift’s lucky number 13 painted on its nose. Her second plane is another Dassault worth around $58 million.