Along with fame, celebrities often earn quite a fortune thanks to their career under the spotlight. Of course, this means that they can buy just about whatever comes to mind, such as spending some credit card points on a new car or getting themselves a mansion. For this article, though, we’ll be talking about the times a few of our favorite stars shared their hard-earned money with friends.

Kanye’s 38th Birthday Party (Kim Kardashian) – $110,000

Besides getting a huge degree of fame for starring in the reality show Keeping Up with the Kardashians, Kim Kardashian has since become one of the entertainment industry’s wealthiest figures. In fact, for Kanye West’s 38th birthday back in 2015, Kim spent over $110,000 for the surprise party, and a portion of that money undoubtedly went to reserving the Staples Center. With the arena being a famous venue for the NBA, it comes as no surprise Kanye and his friends, including basketballer Russell Westbrook and singer Justin Bieber, celebrated the day playing a few basketball games – complete with their own jerseys, too!

Drinks Are On Me (Jay-Z) – $110,000

Jay-Z has become quite a figure in the music industry. Along with releasing more than a few hit records, the rapper-producer has also made investments in a couple of projects, such as his Roc Nation Sports, undoubtedly increasing his wealth tenfold. Of course, besides purchasing a few luxurious items, Jay-Z spends some of his hard-earned cash with his friends, like that time he celebrated Juan Perez’s 50th birthday. After spending around $13,000 for their dinner, Jay-Z bought $9,000 worth of drinks for himself, Perez, and their friends, but the party didn’t end there. Not long after, the world-famous rapper purchased 40 more bottles worth an astounding total of around $80,000 – he also gave an $11,000 tip. What a night!

Some Wings For The Halo Singer (Beyoncé) – Estimated $2,000

At this point, it’s safe to say that almost every person who listens to music can recognize Beyoncé. Along with the fame she has garnered over the years, the singer has also earned quite a fortune, and she isn’t afraid to share it. One such occasion took place back in 2013. After a concert, Beyoncé wanted to enjoy some food from Nando’s with her crew. Instead of using her credit card, the singer opted to pay her order, which totals around $2,000, in cash. The order in question comprises 48 portions of chips, 24 tubs of coleslaw, 48 whole chickens, and 58 chicken wing platters. Enjoying a free meal is good — but enjoying a free meal thanks to Beyoncé is better.

Don’t Worry, I Got The Snacks Covered (Justin Bieber) – $241.75

Although watching a movie at home is fine as it is, we still can’t deny how much a cinema brings the film-viewing experience to a whole new degree. Well, that’s what Justin Bieber thought back in 2014 when he went to watch Ride Along with his friends. Besides buying movie tickets, Justin went and got his pals a few snacks, though “a few” seems to be an understatement. With the receipt showing a total of $241.75, it’s safe to say Justin and company had quite a picnic inside the cinema.

I Like Some Nando’s, Too (Drake) – Approximately $688.31

When it comes to being a world-famous music artist, it comes as no surprise Drake has had the chance to traverse to different parts of the globe during his tours. With that said, like the previously-mentioned Beyoncé, Drake decided to enjoy some Nando’s wings with his crew after a concert in the UK back in 2017. With an order of 320 medium wings, among many others, the rapper’s receipt presented a sum of £600 – equivalent to around $688.31. The following year, after a concert in London, Drake once again enjoyed a Nando’s meal. The only difference this time: the food chain spent some investment money providing a new and spicier hot sauce, a gift to the four-time Grammy-winner.

A Night At The Arcade For The Weeknd (Selena Gomez) – Approximately $30,000

Playing video games can be a pretty fun pastime, even more so when you do it with friends. With that said, it comes as no surprise singer Selena Gomez surprised fellow singer The Weeknd back in 2017 with a video game-themed birthday party. In fact, instead of just a night at home playing on a console, Selena shaved a few points off her credit card – around $30,000, to be precise – reserving the Dave & Buster’s arcade for the birthday celebrant. Although she wasn’t present on the day itself, it’s safe to say The Weeknd still had plenty of fun playing with friends such as Travis Scott and Migos.