When we decide to go on vacation, it means we need to save a boat-load of money for months or a year before we travel. Doing some smart financial planning is part of the process. After all, it is important that we enjoy these activities and amenities according to our budget and paid leaves. These are the typical things we do if we want to travel. However, these minor obstacles and do not apply to the rich and famous.

Our favorite celebrities have the luxury to pick and travel to any destination they wish without worrying about cost. Not only can these Hollywood A-listers travel the world without any setbacks along the way, they can also do this in style, and with so much posh and luxury. After all, money is rarely an issue for these stars, they do not even need to apply for a personal loan to go to these exclusive and high-end destinations.

It is typical for the rich and famous to go on a luxurious weeklong trip, and when they do, they go all out. Kate Hudson and her girlfriends once spent $80 thousand for a villa they rented in for a week. The extremely pricey clifftop home was complete with amazing amenities. It included poolside lunches and mud baths, and overlooked the mountains and the ocean. For sure, Kate did not have to talk to her financial advisor about this trip. After all she is super rich.

American socialite, Kim Kardashian, and music icon, Kanye West, used to be one of the most sought-after couples in the entertainment industry. They are known for being glamorous and extremely excessive when it comes to spending for themselves. Whenever they go on a vacation, they go all out. They go to the priciest travel destinations that others can only dream of visiting. They sure can take credit for having been able to increase their already huge jaw-dropping net worth.

Bahamas is a typical go-to vacation destination, but people don’t typically go there and spend half a million dollars. However, Kim and Kanye spent a whopping $443 thousand during their stay. Their largest expense was the house they rented. It was on a private island, and it cost them $176 thousand. For sure, they did not need to use their investment money to enjoy such a lush trip.

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie used to be one of Hollywood’s favorite couples. This one big happy family used to go on vacations. They have six kids together, so traveling together might have been a rollercoaster ride of excitement. In 2015 they took the family to one of the most beautiful countries in Southeast Asia — Thailand. Angelina and Brad, along with their children, visited the wonderful islands of Phuket. They stayed at the Amanpuri Beach Resort, which is a private luxury resort and hotel. An overnight stay here costs $18 thousand. Not that they needed their credit cards for it. The entire trip cost them a jaw-dropping $137 thousand. The place featured a lot of activities and amenities, including a yacht tour, kayaking opportunities, and jet skiing.

If they are not the most adored power couple in the entertainment industry, then I don’t know who is. Supermodel, Chrissy Teigen and the iconic John Legend enjoy each other’s company so much. In fact, their Instagram posts about each other and their family are a testament to their love. In addition to that, it comes as no surprise to the rest of us that they go on expensive vacations together.

They went to Bali, Indonesia and stayed at this luxurious resort that cost them $75 thousand. Their first class tickets were a huge expense, too. Who spends $50 thousand on plane tickets? Chrissy and John do. After all, first class is always worth it. After all, their combined net worth of $75 million is proof that they are incredibly wealthy, and that they must have property investments all around the world, too.