Celebrities have traveled extensively. When they’re not flying around the world for work, they’re probably en route to a luxurious vacation spot like the yacht-filled island of St. Barts or the opulent mountain resort of Aspen. Celebrities, like us, plan time to fly with their loved ones or go solo.

Some celebrities take time away from the spotlight to relax and enjoy their vacation. Stars are picky on where they spend their investments; surprisingly, they are too with their vacation spots. When Hollywood superstars need a little rest, they flock to these top celebrity vacation hotspots.

St. Barts – Carribeans

Saint Barthélemy is the ideal vacation destination, with white sand beaches, a yacht-filled harbor, and glitzy nightlife. The fusion of French and Caribbean has all of the elements that would make for an ideal vacation. This place is a favorite haunt of Leonardo DiCaprio, Beyoncé, Jay-Z, Pippa Middleton, and Alessandra Ambrosio. At Saint Barthélemy, you can relax in the lovely scenery, eat culinary delights at local eateries, and hit the bars for the ultimate degree of Caribbean partying.

Cabo San Lucas, México

Cabo San Lucas is prized for its beaches and is a great place to party. And it’s no wonder why Gwyneth Paltrow chose the venue for her bachelorette party. Jennifer Aniston and Camila Cabello are both drawn to the lovely locale, too.

Aspen, Colorado

 Aspen is a ski resort town that’s surrounded by Colorado’s Rocky Mountains and is nestled in the middle of the White River National Forest. Throughout the year, the location is perfect for outdoor activities. The top-notch resort town is equally enjoyable in the winter and summer, when outdoor activities such as hiking, biking, and horseback riding are available. If you have wealth and investments like Bella Hadid, Will Smith, and Mariah Carey, this is a place for you.

 Lake Como, Italy

Lake Como is the A-listers’ favorite vacation spot because of its dramatic scenery, stunning coastal plane, idyllic shorelines, and picturesque gardens. Several celebrities, including George Clooney and Richard Branson, have purchased lakefront villas here. Madonna, Declan Donnelly, and Donatella Versace are among the stars who frequent the place.

Jackson Hole, Wyoming

In the pristine forest of Bridger-Teton National Forest, you can go hiking, canoeing, and horseback riding. Throughout the winter, you can even go ice climbing and snowmobiling. Enjoy scenic meals, take on the best adventure challenges, and take home the most fantastic pictures from your Jackson Hole vacation. You can even build your investment homes here like Harrison Ford, Matthew McConaughey, and Sandra Bullock did.

Mykonos, Greece

Mykonos is home to world-famous DJs who love to make tourists dance all night to their beats.

With a deluge of celebrities, their favorite hobbies include soaking up the sun, eating seaside suppers, and watching the sunset. This island has enamored the likes of Gabrielle Union, Kendall Jenner, and Ariana Grande.

Maui, Hawaii

The natural beauty of the area enchants both the eyes and the mind. People come here repeatedly to enjoy the Hawaiian paradise’s serenity because of its unrivaled elegance. Spend your credit cards and live like Oprah Winfrey and splurge on the local delicacies — it’s worth a try.

Bora Bora, French Polynesia

Bora Bora is renowned for its abundance of activities, including safaris, sunbathing, underwater diving, shark feeding, and swimming. Bora Bora is undoubtedly the lush gem of the Polynesian islands, making it a favorite haunt of Nicole Kidman and Jennifer Aniston.

Paris, France

The world looks up to Paris for its iconic architecture, sumptuous cuisine, fantastic shopping, and artistic gems. Visit the Eiffel Tower and Sainte Chapelle, and you may spot Emma Stone or Rihanna. This trip may hurt your investment money a bit but it’s truly worth every penny.

Maldives, South Asia

Every year, a slew of celebrities flock to this tropical island in the Indian Ocean for a luxurious beach break. The Maldives is a beautiful holiday destination with white beaches, crystal blue waters, and lush green trees. The island’s wildlife and marine life are rare and addictive so spotting Ronan Keating is not surprising.