Victoria Beckham is an expert at multitasking — she’s a singer, stylist, businesswoman, and mother of four children. Victoria Beckham, née Adams, first came to prominence in 1994 as part of the Spice Girls, and has been married to David Beckham since 1997. She took credit for her crop tops, metallic miniskirts, and platforms during her Spice Girls days, and she was a chameleon of careers as well as style. Her style has since evolved into that of a New York businesswoman, complete with stilettos, trench coats, dark shades, and tailor-made signature pieces. It was a powerful style that was recognized by Vogue Paris when they invited her to be a guest of honor in their December/January 2014 issue. Victoria Beckham spoke about what inspired her to create her Fall/Winter 2019-2020 line, her idols, and her signature look.

What would you say is the best way to describe your personal taste?

“I’d like to believe it’s not overly complex or contrived…

And that it is truthful. That’s also a good way to describe this collection. It has a very genuine feel to it, and I hope it is what my Victoria Beckham women want to wear.”

What are the five wardrobe basics for a woman?

“The ideal black suit to wear from day to night, and the ideal shaped shirt to wear with a pair of jeans and then dress up in the evening. Knitwear is difficult to come by, but it is a wise investment. And, of course, the ideal gown.”

Do you have a piece of fashion advice that you consider to be the most important?

“Always wear something that makes you feel good. If you aren’t at ease, you can radiate that energy. Keep your true self in mind.”

What was the source of inspiration for Victoria Beckham’s Fall/Winter 2019-2020 collection?

 “The collection has a cinematic feel to it: each look felt like a different scene from a film. The color scheme is vibrant, energizing, and youthful. Menswear is still a source of inspiration for the tailoring.”

Which of the pieces in the collection is your personal favorite?

“The high-waisted pants are my favorite. It’s a fantastic shape that elongates you… In addition, there’s the ideal black jacket with great shoulders. The print was inspired and credited by an image we found in an archive, which we blew up, tweaked the proportions, and made our own. There’s a hint of the 1970s in there, which is an age I love dressing up in. The collection took a lot of time and effort to create, but it appears to be effortless and feminine.”

Which female role models do you admire?

“There are so many women that I admire and find inspirational on a daily basis, both now and in the past. Cate Blanchett is the actress on whom I have a style crush. She’s stylish, extremely talented, and she never makes a mistake. She’s beautiful, sophisticated, and a mother. I’m not sure how she manages to do it all while making investments and maintaining such a graceful demeanor.”

Have you made any fashion blunders?

“I dislike it when women go out in dresses with high slits and no panties. It’s done on the red carpet, and it’s a bit unappealing to me. I smile as I think of how I’ve dressed in the past because it’s helped me become who I am now. There are some things I don’t wear anymore, but that doesn’t make them a fashion faux pas; it just means I’ve been there and done that.”

She was mainly known as a former Spice Girl and the wife of a soccer star when she launched her eponymous line in 2008. But, almost a decade later, Beckham earned credit score as a designer with the same level of industry legitimacy as her peers who received their education from prestigious schools and began their careers at storied fashion houses.