Celebrity riders are one of the greatest perks of being a megastar.For those unfamiliar with the word, a “rider” is an agreement that allows a celebrity to list all of the food, games, and relaxation items that they will need before and after their appearance. For certain celebrities, this can be as easy as a cheese plate and deli meats, but for the picky celebrities mentioned below, things can get a lot more complicated and in need of insurance.

To pull off such bizarre, ultra-specific, or outright perplexing requests, they had to work their way up to legendary status.And some of the requests are actually very charming, such as Michael Bublé’s habit of bringing a souvenir home from every town he visits, or Adele’s insistence that people who get free seats at her concerts donate money to charity.Take a look, and you’ll be shocked at how modest some of the world’s most famous people are — or how well they live up to their extravagant reputations.



Credits to a rider found on the Smoking Gun from 2000, this diva wanted a separate room for her numerous wigs and hairpieces.



In his book The Little Red Riders Book, journalist Matthew Croft revealed details about a number of celebrities, including the “Material Girl,” who requested 20 foreign phone lines and six-inch light pink or white roses.

Britney Spears


According to a 2011 article from Mirror Online, Britney made an odd request. She wanted the organizers to make an investment for the backstage area of her London show: a framed portrait of Princess Diana.


Rather than making outrageous demands for herself, the Smoking Gun said that the soulful songstress has a special clause in her rider that requires anyone who receives free tickets to her show to donate $20 to Sands, one of her favorite charities.

Christina Aguilera

The Smoking Gun uncovered pages of The Voice judge’s 2000 show contract, which contained an order for Flintstone vitamins — with extra vitamin C.We can only believe Christina has depended on the nutrient-rich gummies insurance since childhood, given that she didn’t give birth to her first child until 2008.

Michael Bublé

The crooner keeps his requests low-key, but credits to the Smoking Gun, the hockey fan does ask for a puck from the local team.

The Rolling Stones

While the aging rockers’ antics have changed dramatically since their heyday in the 1960s and 1970s, the Smoking Gun’s copy of their 2005 rider demonstrates that they still know how to have a good time. Once, they requested a room with a full-sized snooker table (similar to billiards or pool).

David Hasselhoff

The Little Red Rider Book by Matthew Croft also revealed that the former Baywatch star (who is known in Germany for his credit score in music rather than his acting) had, at one point, requested for a life-size cutout of himself.

Paul McCartney

The former Beatle is outspoken about his vegetarian and anti-animal-cruelty convictions, to the point that he won’t accept any animal-derived material for his tours, such as leather couches or limo seats. According to the Smoking Gun, this prohibition also applied to animal motif faux prints.


Mrs. Carter’s rider contained very precise directions for baking chicken to snack on as she traveled to the Super Bowl to sing the national anthem in 2004. The meal had to be “HEAVILY SEASONED” (all-caps in the contract) with fresh garlic, salt, black pepper, and cayenne pepper.

Barbra Streisand

Babs’ request may seem illogical given her bladder capacity, but according to Matthew Croft, she demanded that her toilet bowl be filled with rose petals for her insurance.