Celebrities are always faced with busy schedules because of their numerous projects. Despite having a hectic workload, some celebrities still find time to focus on self-care and do it alongside their loved ones. Self-care is a good investment for one’s mental health and well-being. This is why it is an important activity that can be done with people you care about the most.Here are seven celebrities who make time for their family members while spending time on self-care.

Gabrielle Union – Haircut Bonding with daughter Kaavia

Gabriela Union does not want her daughter Kaavia to think that she has to put effort and change herself so that people will see her as acceptable or appropriate. The Ugly Betty star, to her credit, loves giving her daughter’s hair oil and curl cream to make it healthy and detangled. After swimming every day, the mother and daughter spend time in the bathroom doing Kaavia’s hair and maintaining its healthy glow. As long as it remains the way it is, healthy and bouncy, Union wants to maintain it as is, without having to put on braids and specific colors just so people will see her blending in. For the actress, leaving her daughter’s look as beautiful as it is is important to debunk stereotypes.

Lexi Underwood – Skin Routine with mother Stephanie and grandmother Graphelia


If there is one thing Lexi Underwood, her mother, and grandmother do together to bond is put face masks on their cheeks. For them, it does not have to be so grand where you need to use a credit card. The trio loves doing this as a bonding activity while maintaining their youthful and moisturized skin.According to Lexi, she has always been in awe of how her mother and grandmother maintain their skin as they age. Lexi finds her mom’s skincare products interesting, which she considers great investments, as they all work well with her sensitive skin. The trio also loves putting on hair masks at night — they started doing it regularly last year. They usually do their DIY hair masks by mixing apple cider vinegar, mayo, and olive oil to create a customized cream for their tresses. The result? They have softer and healthier hair.

Kristen Bell – Spending Time with Dogs, Frank and Whiskey

Many celebrities have shown an interest and love for furry pets. This includes Kristen Bell who has always been vocal about her love for her dogs, Frank and Whiskey.

Bell regards her dogs as antidepressants and not just living creatures who can pass for home security guards. Bell often expresses that she feels better being next to her dogs. Even though she lives a life under the spotlight, she still finds time to wake up early in the morning and feed them. Bell loves to wake up before everyone else and sit with her dogs, which she finds relaxing and calming.

Karla Souza – Haircut Sessions with Daughter Gianna

Karla Souza does not need a degree in haircutting to bond with her daughter and cut her lovely locks. She and her daughter Gianna loves cutting each other’s hair during their bonding time. Because many cannot go to salons for their regular haircut sessions, Souza and Gianna make the most of the situation to make time for themselves. They bond in between cutting their cute bangs with scissors. Aside from this, the younger Souza also cut her hair, did her nails, and gave her a facial mask treatment.

Hannah Bronfman – Spending Time with Son Preston

Hannah Bronfman is a doting mother to Preston. The two form a mother-and-son bond when they relax together. She puts on baby gua sha to relax him while he’s sleeping. Despite that Preston is still an infant, Hannah still tries to bond with him when she puts on her make-up or does any activity for herself. She carries her baby boy during her meditative walk.

Tamron Hall – Haircare with son Moses


Tamron Hall bonds with her son Moses by gently combing his big and curly hair. Tamron’s little one has amazing red hair, which is a symbol of where he came from. Born as an African, American, and Jewish, Moses has a diverse heritage that Tamron wants him to be proud of. She would always say “I love your hair,” and other self-empowering phrases to make her son even more proud of who he is as a person. Tamron knows that many girls receive empowering words but it is also important to give boys words of self-appreciation.

Amanda Kloots – Playing Music with Son Elvis

Amanda Kloots is doing great as a single mother to her son Elvis. She gives credit to her son for giving her such a positive outlook on life. She bonds with him while doing other self-care activities. She also loves playing good music to soothes her mood, which also gives Elvis a nice start. Amanda hopes that Elvis does this for the rest of his life — play music to start his day and go through a positive day ahead. Elvis is also at the stage where he likes to copy whatever his mom is doing—so when Amanda brushes her teeth, Elvis comes to her side to enjoy the activity as well.